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Legally enabled regulatory framework which ensures quality education at affordable prices.


Haryana Private Fees Regulatory Act

As detailed in the blog post, in the last 7 years, Haryana parents have collectively lost over Rs. 42,000 Crore in the last seven years. Over the next three years, the parents collectively stand to lose another Rs. 18,000 crores if no action is taken by this Government.

Hence, we as the impacted parents and voters pledge for the implementation of the following agenda:

1 - Join other like-minded parents who no longer want to act as the ATM for the profit seeking Private Schools. By doing this, we will be able to defeat the Divide and Rule agenda of the Private School lobby. Moreover, we will ensure that during elections the Education Agenda becomes a primary agenda. This site has a forum where you can join other parents for fact based discussions. Link Here. If you share your local area Facebook or telegram group details with us through email, then we will publish them on resources page of this website.

2 - Publicize and push the Executive & Legislature to perform their duties by ensuring that:

  • An efficient quasi-judicial fee regulatory authority is set up which will ensure that Private Schools do not indulge in rampant profit making. The Haryana Government should immediately bring the Haryana Private School Fee Regulation Act similar to one adopted by the Chandigarh Administration (as modified from Punjab Fee Regulation Act) and implement the same in Haryana. Every day the Haryana Government delays this activity would show the Government's lack of resolution to prevent the ongoing loot of ₹ 6,000 crore per annum.

  • Complete transparency is adopted with the display of audited school financials on every school’s website and Government of Haryana Education portal. All previous submitted financials should be made available to Parents immediately.

  • The profit-making system of private schools to be made illegal by forbidding related party transactions and/or benchmarking these against prevailing market rates.

  • The Parent Teacher Association should be strengthened by significantly increasing its representation in the School Management and Fee Deciding body.

  • Parents of all new and existing students should be made aware of these rules and should be required to participate in the PTA elections on a yearly basis.

  • A forensic audit of the all the private schools’ financials for last ten years should be undertaken so as to recover the over Rs. 42,000 crore which has been looted from the parents.

  • It should be ensured that teachers in private schools get adequately paid.

  • A State Education Management Committee consisting of highly qualified eminent educators/alumni from top institutes should be formed. This committee can take over non-compliant school managements at a short notice and introduce world class practices in such schools at lower costs. After stabilizing the school, the Management of the school can be transitioned to a new Management Committee which is agreeable to the Parent Teacher Association of the school.

  • For all parents, we encourage you to calculate how much your school is looting you and we will make school-wise estimates available here once you send email to us. We also intend to analyze Form VI filings of various schools for discrepancies.

3 - For implementing the above agenda, we at The Indian Parent look forward to other like-minded parents for joining us together at the following places:

  • This Website Forum - Link here

  • Twitter: Connect with each other on Twitter.

4 - Those who are from other States can send their request to us and we will analyze State Laws of your state and recommend way forward. Note that at the India Level, this scam might be much larger at more than ₹500,000 Crore.